My Secret Weapon: 4 Things I Love About Ningxia Red

Recently I’ve decided that I am going to be PROACTIVE about my health.  I’m not in my twenties anymore, and my food, exercise, sleep, and routine decisions REALLY affect my body and health.  And, I’ll be honest, I don’t have TIME to be waiting in doctor offices, recovering from illnesses, or being wiped out from exhaustion.  I mean, who does, right?  Today’s post is about one of the MOST IMPORTANT proactive choices I’ve made:  NINGXIA RED!  I can’t LOVE IT so much and NOT share it with you, so here’s some great information about WHY Ningxia Red has become a daily habit and I am so glad it has!


Ningxia Red is MY secret weapon. . . .



 1.  Ningxia Red is FULL of DIFFERENT TYPES of antioxidants.

Wait. . . what ARE antioxidants anyway?  Let’s talk about that first.


Antioxidants are nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, that help fight off the damaging effects of free radicals. The body experiences a natural phenomenon called oxidation every day, which can produce harmful byproducts called free radicals. If left uncontrolled, these free radicals can damage cells, much like the chemical reaction that takes place when a half-eaten apple turns brown. Free radical damage can be accelerated by pollution, stress, toxins, smoking, and alcohol.

Antioxidants are very beneficial for optimal health, but you don’t need high amounts of any one antioxidant, no matter how powerful it is. To create the strongest defense against free radicals, the body needs an array of many different antioxidants. The key to optimal support is balance. Just as a healthy diet consists of a variety of fruit and vegetables, antioxidant supplementation also needs to come from a variety of sources to support optimal health.

NingXia Red is one of Young Living’s most popular wellness supplements. It’s a nutrient-rich drink infused with antioxidant-providing superfruits and powerful essential oils. NingXia Red contains vital nutrients that may be missing or low in many modern diets and that could be the key to experiencing abundant wellness and energy. It is the perfect way to start the day.


2.  Can you say FRUIT BASKET TURNOVER?  I mean, this stuff is JAM PACKED with health-supporting fruits.

 Blueberries, cherries, aronia berries, grapefruit seed extract, pomegranates, plums and wolf berries make up the fruit portion of this amazing blend.  What awesomeness packed into one bottle!  These are all fruits high in antioxidants, vitamins, and yummy goodness to keep our body working at it’s maximum.  THAT is what I am looking for.  I am SICK AND TIRED of ineffective store-bought “multi-vitamins” which aren’t always even processed fully into our bodies.  Fruit drink full of all kinds of things my body will USE UP to give me energy and wellness.  YES!  I’ll take that, thank you!Slide09


3.  Say What?!?  Wolfberry?

NingXia Red contains the puree from the whole Ningxia wolfberries. We use all of the valuable parts—the juice, peel, seeds, and fruit—to ensure that each bottle contains the optimal blend of nutrients offered by this extraordinary fruit.

Young Living wolfberry comes from the Ningxia Province in northern China, where it has been revered for centuries. It contains every essential amino acid and contains 13 percent protein, the highest protein content of any fruit. Ongoing research continues to support the wolfberry’s health-promoting properties.Slide07

This nutrient-rich ingredient makes Ningxia Read an INCREDIBLE supplement for you and your family.  Amino acids, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Selenium, and Zinc are all found in this much-loved fruit. It’s the perfect “secret ingredient” for a drink that will keep your body systems running well.

5.  Lemon, Orange, and Tangerine Oils, OH MY!

Citrus oils are some of my favorite.  The uses of these oils range from supporting the digestive system to enhancing mental alertness to encouraging a healthy respiratory system.  And several include LINOMENE!  (GOOGLE THAT ONE.  For real, right now.  Not later.).  These oils are the extra OOMPH of Ningxia Red useful for keeping us healthy and energetic.  Slide08

4.  It’s ALL about BALANCE.  

This balanced approach to antioxidant supplementation is why so many people experience energy, vitality, and vigor when they start using this product. NingXia Red:

  • Contains balanced ingredients that make it a whole-body nutrient infusion for health and wellness support.
  • Supports normal cellular function.
  • Contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many natural antioxidant processes.
  • Supports good health and overall wellness.
  • Supports normal eye health.
  • Delivers citrus essential oils containing d-limonene, a powerful component in citrus oils.
  • Utilizes a powerful formula that includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health benefits.
  • Helps prevent against oxidative stress.
  • Is a healthy daily supplement.




Friends, maybe you are like me:  READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF MY OWN HEALTH.  If so, Ningxia Red really is a great way to start.

I sure am mad on those days I forget my ounce!





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