5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Creaking and Popping! Essential Oils and Happy Joints, Muscles, and Bones

As we get older, we are more and more aware of the importance of keeping our muscles and joints healthy and strong.   Staying well in these areas helps us remain active and vibrant. Being about to move without discomfort or difficulty is vital in maintaining fun times with our families, years of productive work in our careers, and ability to enjoy our favorite hobbies. Essential oils can help keep your muscles and joints happy! Let’s take a look at several Young Living oils and oil blends which promote a healthy muscular system. 


 Understanding a bit of the science of oils help us understand how they aid in our wellness. Here are some interesting tidbits.

  1. They are the healing oils of the plant. They help regenerate cells in a plant when damaged, infested, or diseased.
  2. They are molecularly tiny. This allows them to penetrate our skin and enter every cell of our body in 21 minutes. The can help heal our cells and clean receptor sites so that our body communicates more effectively with itself.
  3. They are extremely complex. Each includes many chemicals which allow it to be useful for multiple purposes.
  4. Where drugs mask symptoms, essential oils encourage healing in the body. They address the system (digestive, cardiovascular, etc) not just the symptoms.
  5. When pure, like Young Living, they never go rancid.

Here are five great essential oils and blends to use to keep those muscles, bones, and joints happy.  Using the topically is super effective.  Let’s learn more.

1.  Peppermint

peppermint edit

Peppermint is a stimulating essential oil which helps soothes muscles. It can be used in an Epsom salt bath after a long day at work. It can be added to a roller with a carrier oil to help the muscles stay happy in your lower back or can be added to other oils to help them penetrate the cells of the body even more effectively. Here you can read more about how Young Living recommends using this particular oil in other ways as well.


2.  Panaway

panaway edit

This Young Living blend is made up of wintergreen, clove, helicrysum, and peppermint. Wintergreen is a warming oil and aids in healthy muscle and joint function, clove supports healthy immune and muscular systems and soothes, helicrysum supports the muscular and circulatory system, and peppermint is cooling and enhances the effects of the other oils. It’s a fantastic combination for muscle and joint health. Panaway is most commonly use topically in a roller bottle, in a salve, or with Epsom salts in a bath.


3.  Frankincense

frankincense edit

This oil is an ancient favorite.   Frankincense has a very light molecular weight which allows it to penetrate joints, allowing them to stay healthy and functioning well. Frankincense is also often used to support the endocrine system(which regulates hormones) and the immune system. This popularly used oil is a great way to encourage a balance for your healthy body.

4.  Copaiba

copaiba edit

Copaiba is a powerful essential oil from South America that has traditionally been used to aid digestion and support the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. It also helps regulate the digestive system and boosts the defenses of our immune system. In addition, Copaiba is often paired with other oils (like those mentioned already) to help enhance their effectiveness.

5.  Aroma Sieze

aroma siez

Aroma Siez is a relaxing blend that is excellent for massaging away life’s little discomforts. Well suited for use after exercise or at the end of a trying day, it also provides soothing comfort for the head, neck, and tired feet. It’s made up of basil, marjoram, lavender, and cypress to both promote relaxation of mind and body as well as comfort for your muscular system. It’s a great addition to an oil “stash” where the focus is healthy bones, joints, and muscles.


Here’s a BONUS IDEA!  I used this one TODAY on my daughter and it worked SO WELL!

Lavender Lotion + Panaway + Copaiba = Happy Legs!


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  1. How do I use oils to get rid of the popping? I thought that’s what the article is about.

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