Mirror Mirror On the Wall: 4 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Skin, Nail, and Hair Care

Stress, age, post pregnancies, the sun, and our daily busy lives take a toll on our bodies! It’s often hard to keep our skin, hair, and nails a priority when we think about health, but several essential oils and products by Young Living can definitely help keep your skin more vibrant, your nails hard and strong, and your hair shiny and beautiful. Let’s see which ones we need.  If your beauty routine is simple, like mine, you may just want to know how to easily add a few essential oils into your already established habits. So, let’s start with a few essential oils available through Young Living.

1.   Lavender

Lavender is such an amazingly diverse oil, but one of its most popular uses is skincare. Lavender is great for softening and revitalizing. Here are some great beauty care tips for Lavender:

  1. ALWAYS have a Lavender Salve handy. This is SUPER EASY to make; simply mix a three drops of lavender for every tablespoon of coconut oil!   Store away in a place it will not get too hot and be ready for any skincare needs.
  2. When will you use your Lavender Salve? Any time your kids fall while riding their bike, any time you stay out in the sun a bit too long, anytime you forget to use a potholder.   Lavender helps keep your skin healthy in all types of situations.
  3. Lavender is a perfect ingredient for beautiful face recipes as well.  Lavender helps skin looking young and vibrant. You can use it in an essential oil recipe or add it to a current face cream. Your skill will be SO SMOOTH! Try it tonight!
  4. Pull the conditioner bottle out of the shower and add one drop of Lavender for every ounce of conditioner. Why? Because this amazing oil also helps keep our hair shiny, clean, and beautiful. What a easy way to ramp up your regimen without doing much at all.

2.  Frankincense

This ancient oil is a great one for calming and for boosting our immune systems, but it’s also a fabulous oil for your face. It’s aging-resistant qualities are why many of my friends REFUSE to use their precious Frankincense on anything other than their FACES!  It’s that good! Here are some Frankincense tips.

  1. Add Frankincense to your evening or morning skin care routine. Use it in an essential oil recipe as a roll-on or a cream. It will help keep your skin tightened, bright, and healthy!
  2. Add Frankincense to your beauty routine by combining it with products you already use. Add it to a facial cream to enhance the benefits each day.
  3. Use Frankincense on post-pregnancy skin. It does wonders for making those areas smooth again.

3.  Tea Tree

Tea Tree is an incredibly versatile oil, much like Lavender, and it’s a great oil to use in the evening to cleanse and refresh your skin. Here are some great beauty tips for using tea tree.

  1. Remember to grab your tea tree when your skin needs a little comforting and tender loving care. It’s great at keeping your skin truly healthy.
  2. Tea tree is a fantastic ingredient to add to a roller bottle for nail care. Simply roll on to your nails each day to see them grow strong and long!
  3. At the beginning of the school year, be sure to put tea tree oil into yours and your kids’ shampoo bottles (one drop per ounce) to keep any pesky hair-loving pests away.

4.  Cedarwood

I LOVE the combination of Cedarwood and Lavender and MANY people use them together to help them rest well, but they also make a great hair combo! Here are some tips on Cedarwood.

  1. Cedarwood is good for keeping skin balanced and is a great addition to a recipe for skin that needs a little extra comforting and health.
  2. Cedarwood promotes hair growth for men and women! Say what?!?! Yep, it’s true. Put Cedarwood in your shampoo bottle (one drop for each ounce) or rub on head directly!   With Cedarwood in your shampoo and Lavender in your conditioner, your hair will be incredibly healthy.

My favorite thing about essential oils is that they are EASY and EFFECTIVE to use.  Here some some practical recipes to add to your oily stash!  Enjoy!


Comment and tell me which ones you plan to try or share some recipes of your own!


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