A Day in the Life of an Oiler: Real Life Ways to use Young Living’s Starter Kit

Rise and Shine with Essential Oils

Rising and shining does not always come easy on those Morning mornings, right? It’s often more like whining and dragging. Bed head, dazed eyes, and slow motion sometimes fill our mornings before we head out to school or work. Anybody else’s mornings like that? As we get ready to begin those early morning routines again this fall, let’s get out our arsenal of essential oils to help with the slow-moving mornings.   If the house needs a pick me up, let’s pull out our LEMON oil!

I wish that I could diffuse Lemon right now and you could smell it on the other side of your screen! Yummo! Lemon is the perfect morning oil. Fill your diffuser with Lemon and water first thing in the morning to encourage a peppier step for the whole family and to begin getting those brains alert and ready for the day! For an extra boost, put a drop of Lemon in your water each morning. It will help begin to clean the cells of your body and get it communicating well from the beginning. **Don’t forget to always drink Lemon in glass or stainless steel. It is a detoxifier, and we don’t want those nasty toxins from plastic cups in our water. The cool thing: it detoxifies our cells too!**lemon

Out the Door with Essential Oils

I think the pinnacle of all chaos occurs as moms are trying to get everyone OUT THE DOOR so that they can all be on time. Can I get an AMEN? It seems like backpacks start flying, children start scattering as they look for one missing shoe, and the last few seconds pushing everyone out becomes a whirlwind. Don’t let them leave home without those backpacks and shoes, BUT also don’t let them fly out that door without some essential oils!

Daily use of essential oils is PERFECT for keeping up your immune system and what student OR teacher OR mom doesn’t need that? These next three oils and oil blends are crucial to have on hand throughout the year to keep those noses snot-free and those bellies settled!

Thieves is absolutely my favorite oil and one we try to use EVERY SINGLE DAY! I encourage you to make a roller bottle with Thieves and a carrier oil (and maybe Copaiba and Frankincense) to have right near the door or the book bags or in your purse for everyday use. Rub it wherever you can get it on your children and yourself. We often put it behind our ears or on the bottoms of our feet before we leave for school and work. Why? We want every physical defense we can have against those cooties we are likely to face during the day! Ewww!   Thieves is perfect for keeping the immune system SUPER STRONG. Ask me later, and I’ll tell you why it got it’s cool name!

Psst. Teachers, lean in! Thieves is great for making a chemical-free CLEANER! Couldn’t you use an effective one of those in your classroom? Blech!



R.C. is another must-have for keeping yourself and your kids healthy! This particular oil blend (which includes 3 types of Eucalyptus! Ahhh!) is perfect to use along your sinuses during the season changes and the high blooming times of the year. R.C. promotes lung and sinus health and combined with Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, it’s great for keeping your family breathing easy ALL year long.

Between the pressures some kids (and LOTS of teachers) find at school and the little germies floating around, keeping a healthy digestive system is not always easy during the school year for teachers and students (And don’t EVEN get me started on school food!).   Therefore, Digize is the perfect oil blend to have on hand each morning (and afternoon, and evening. . . .). Be proactive with your health and the health of those munchkins. (It’s a great one to have on LONG road trips too!).

Fill the Day with Essential Oils


The school day can seem LONG both to our kiddoes and to their teachers and our work days seem to go on and on and on.   Sitting and listening and focusing and concentrating and working can be challenging to do for six to eight hours, but essential oils offer some great solutions and aid for those in the desks and at the board. Let’s look at great oils to use during the school and work day.

Peppermint is the perfect essential oil to begin using to help kids focus and concentrate while at school or doing homework later in the evening or to help you stay focused on a work project.   This oil is good for mental alertness; therefore, it’s a perfect one for adding to a diffuser necklace or bracelet that you or your children can wear throughout the day. Teachers, peppermint is also a great oil to inhale or put on your temples during the afternoon slump instead of reaching for caffeine. (Although, I bet it tastes delicious in coffee too!).   Peppermint is definitely a MUST-HAVE for the school day.

Stress Away is another FOR SURE oils for using throughout the day!  I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory. Young Living should probably make this one into a body wash specifically for teachers and moms, huh?  This oil blend is another great option for the school day to help students who face test anxiety or for teachers who face craze-filled days or moms who are working long days. The smell is amazing but the calming results are even more grand!



The Afternoon Crazy and Essential Oils

Many of our tikes don’t slow down even after school lets out. Often snack time turns into homework time and then sports time. This fall, your kids may be putting on shin guards and cleats to play soccer or helmets and pads to play football. They may be twirling and flipping as a cheerleader or gymnast or marching long hours in the band.

After school and work, the aches and pains of a normal long hard day may take over a teacher’s body or a mom may need some comfort for her muscles after starting a new exercise routine. The active child, the tired teacher, and the worn out mom ALL NEED this oil blend, Panaway. It soothes the muscles after normal activities and is perfect made into a rub or used in an Epsom salt bath. Ahhhh. It’s nice to end a long hard day with Panaway.

Copaiba is the perfect teammate for Panaway (as well as many other oils). This particular oil is great to combine with other favorites because it helps ENHANCE the effect of the other oils, making them even more effective! Add this one to your afternoon regimen to help continue overall wellness for yourself and your family.

You know what still lingers in a classroom even once students leave? That’s right, FUNK! (I know, I teach high schoolers. Eww.) You know what follows sports season? Stinky sports shoes. Purification is a great solution for all the stinky problems in your life and offers a true air purifier free of chemicals! This blend is a beautifully aromatic mix which eliminates stinky smells for good! It’s also a great as a “Get Away Spray” when you are on grassy fields and need the pests to leave you alone!purification

Frankincense is one precious and prized essential oil. It is great for helping moms and teachers keep their skin vibrant and beautiful, and it helps our overall wellness, but one BEAUTIFUL thing about Frankincense is its ability to CALM THOSE WILD KIDS DOWN. Doesn’t that sound nice? Use Frankincense in the dining room diffuser after dinner to help the kids wind down as they prepare for the next day or as they work to finish homework.   It’s a perfect way to feel grounded as the day ends!








Nighty Night with Essential Oils

Ok, so let’s get those munchkins tucked in, protected by mounds of stuffed animals, and snoring away! Use a sleepy roller with Lavender to help prevent the nighttime fights , diffuse in the kids’ rooms to keep them sleeping deeply all night, or drop on the head of a favorite stuffed animal to keep things calm in the bedrooms each school night. Then cuddle up in our own bed with Lavender lulling you to sleep from your nightstand diffuser. Lavender is the perfect ending touch to a long day!


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