Happy Fall Ya’ll: Cooking with Thieves

The kids and I decided it would be a great day for making pumpkin bread, and when I saw that the ingredients called for Cinnamon and Cloves, I thought, we may as well cook with our Thieves essential oil!  It’s yummy AND healthy!  So we did. . .

We gathered all of our ingredients:  flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, pumpkin, Thieves oil, nutmeg.


We got to work mixing dry ingredients and wet ones.  We added about 6 drops of our our secret ingredient, Thieves essential oil toward the end of our mixing!

dry           batter

Once the batter was think and ready, we had a little taste test!

taste test

After patiently waiting an hour for it to bake, our yummy pumpkin bread made the perfect dessert for dinner!  Happy Fall, Ya’ll!



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