Living Oily for Busy Women: 8 Quick Tip to Simplify Your Essential Oil Journey

Ladies, if you are like me, you simply don’t have A LOT of time or energy left at the end of the day and regardless how much I want to learn about something new, sometimes I simply don’t have TIME.  Anybody else?  This is OFTEN the reason that many women shy away from starting their essential oil journey.  It seems complicated.  It seems overwhelming.  It seems confusing.  And it’s just too much to learn for us busy women!

BUT, It’s not.  Promise.

I’m dedicating my time in this post to helping you simplify your essential oil use.   If you walk through these tips, you’ll soon FALL IN LOVE with oily living and so will your family.  So. . . . since we are all busy, I’ll get right to it.


1.  Begin Your Journey with a YL Starter Kit

I ALWAYS recommend starting with a starter kit from Young Living for MANY REASONS, but for this post, let’s focus on how the kit makes using essential oils EASY PEASY!  The starter kit comes with 11 of the most popular and widely-used oils.  Therefore, you’d don’t have to spend a lot of time on your own figuring how which oils are the best for starting.  These have been specifically chosen because they are the BEST ones to use simply in order to support health for ALL your body systems, for EACH part of your day, and for EVERY member of the family.

Simply Put:  The starter kits makes getting started EASY!  (You’ll have NO regrets–who has time for those anyway?)


2.  Read Up on Safety First

To avoid confusion and mistakes while using your oils, while you are waiting for your kit to arrive, spend some time learning how to use essential oils safely.  Young Living makes it quick and easy with this site.  Take a couple of index cards and jot down some major safety tips.  Keep these handy to put with your kit when the FedEx man FINALLY arrives at your door!

Simply Put:  Know how to BE SAFE before you start.


3.  Be Involved in a Helpful Facebook Group

Sure, you can go to Google and search essential oils or spend hours on Pinterest looking at recipes, but don’t we all really want our friends to share what WORKED for them?  That’s why a FB Group is a great way to learn how to practically use your oils without feeling overwhelmed.  Be sure to find a group that is full of people who are really interested in using essential oils for enhancing their lives through wellness, chemical-free living, and being proactive about their health.  Find a generous group who will share ideas and recipes that you can try at home easily with your family.

Simply Put:  Get connected to other essential oil families!


4.  Keep a Resource WITH Your Oils.

You can’t be expected to KNOW everything immediately, but I do encourage you to have at least one or two resources handy; in other words, keep them WITH your oils.  You may use a small handbook or cheat sheet or you may choose to purchase some great reference guides from a source like this, but most importantly, be sure you have some information close by.  Why?  If you don’t, you’ll easily get overwhelmed and forget to use your oils often and most effectively.  Let’s don’t waste the goodness in those little bottles simply because we don’t have time to scan the internet trying to decipher how to use them.

Simply Put:  Pick a good resource early and use it often.


5.  Start Slow and With Your Diffuser

The diffuser is a quick and easy way to begin using your kit on the day it arrives (and it’s a FUN way to use it!!).  Open it up, choose one oil from the kit, and begin using essential oils aromatically!  Why should you start this way?  a.  Aromatic use of essential oils is effective and therapeutic. You may very likely fall in love with diffuse!  b.  It’s super easy.  c.  It’s a great way to start slowly.   Because of detox effects and unfamiliarity with oils, I encourage you to start slowly.  Do not use the recommended number of drops from the beginning.  Start with just around two drops to first experience and become accustomed to the therapeutic properties.   Soon enough, you’ll know what’s best for using for you and your family.

Simply Put:  Get out that awesome DIFFUSER!


6.  Create a Few Everyday Rollers

Don’t feel like you have to immediately sit down like a scientist in her lab concocting every essential oil recipe you pinned!  Whew, you will SURELY get frustrated and overwhelmed.  Instead, choose around THREE blends you think you family may use on a daily basis.  For example, an immunity support blend, a sleepy blend, and a happy blend.  Start implementing these oils into your daily routines so that they become habit and you become consistent.  Then begin to add to your stash.   And don’t fret, making roller bottles is a BREEZE (BELIEVE ME, I am NO DIY queen. I. like. simple).  Go to amazon or Glass Bottle Outlet to grab a few glass rollers.  They are cheap and easy to use.

Simply Put:  Make three blends.  Use them daily for a few weeks.


7.  Focus on One Body System or Oil at a Time

Educating yourself will be an important part of this lifestyle change and journey, but it doesn’t have to be all-consuming.  So, as you continue to learn focus on only on one body system or oil at a time.  For example, do some searches in your resources of what is good for the digestive system for your family.  Figure out which oils will work best to support this system and begin using those or adding them to a wish list.  OR choose one oil from you kit to research.  Look for the best ways to utilize that one oil for your family’s health before moving to another.

Simply Put:  Researching a little at a time will result in a good Living Oily foundation.


8.  Try One New Oil Per Month

Once you start using your kit oils and learning about how oils can benefit your family, it won’t be long before you have a wish list that keeps growing and growing (I SURE do!).  A good tip for continuing to add to your stash is to replace any oils you begin to deplete but to also add one oil per month to your family’s wellness regimen.  This way you never run out of your favorites and you continue to learn about new favorites.  Eventually, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge and oils to really make a lifestyle change.  Oils will become a frugal way for you to lives more naturally and for you to be empowered to keep you family healthy and safe.  And that’s something ALL of us busy women want.

Simply Put:  Don’t get stuck in an oily rut. 


I’m SO IMPRESSED, Busy Lady, you made it to the end of my post!  :)  If you are curious about how I began my journey, why I love oils, and how to get started, PLEASE message me.  There’s never any pressure, but I always LOVE to share.



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