Maintaining a Healthy Weight is Hard. Can I Get an Amen?: 4 Ways to Support Your Weight Goals

Did you know that Young Living is far more than an essential oil company?  They are a WELLNESS company. Be sure not to ignore the many great products they have that will enhance your overall wellness and the health of your entire family!

Let’s get started talking about how Young Living can help us meet all of our healthy lifestyle goals. (Prepare for your wishlist to grow and get out some paper for notes!!)




1.  Essential Oils To Maintain a Healthy Weight

These first few essential oils we will look at are all dietary; in other words, these Young Living pure oils can be safely ingested for health benefits. You can add them to capsules and take daily or you can drink them in your water each day. (Remember to use glass or stainless steel for all citrus oils!).

Healthy Weight Combo

Many Young Living lovers use a combination of several essential oils to keep their weight at a healthy place and to maintain overall good health. These include Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, and Ocotea. Each of these oils are single oils and have individual benefits which will all work together for you to meet your 2016 goals. We will explore these oils separately, but note that many people combine them for easy use each day. Continue to research and determine which of these oils will best help support your body.



Ok, if you have a bottle of this, you already know how AMAZING it smells when you crack open the lid. YUMMO! It’s not just a delicious oil, though. It’s benefits are MANY and one of them is supporting our health and weight goals.

Grapefruit’s key constituents are LIMONENE and MYRCENE. (PLEASE, go google the goodness of those!).   This particular oil helps us maintain a healthy weight because of it’s ability to help our bodies maintain a healthy metabolism, helps keep our cells clean and communicating properly, helps keep our mood lifted, and helps curb cravings. See the benefits already?

Are you an emotional eater? Do you have a hard time saying “no” to your favorite unhealthy foods? Would you like for your body to be working WITH you?   Grapefruit can help ALL of these parts of the healthy weight struggle.grapefruit          grapefruit-2



Lemon (as well as other citrus oils) is also a vital part of using essential oils to maintain healthy weight. Like grapefruit, it contains the LIMONENE and has numerous wellness benefits. As far has helping us reach our goals this year, Lemon will help enhance our mood to eliminate those late night snacks to help soothe our emotions, increases energy to help boost our desire for exercise, and helps regulate a healthy blood sugar and circulation, keeping our body functioning at it’s highest potential. These are VITAL parts of finding and maintaining the weight that’s appropriate for our great health.



In addition to grapefruit and lemon, peppermint is also a helpful ingredient in this combo. Peppermint helps us maintain a healthy weight by supporting our digestive system (a healthy gut is SUPER important to overall health), curbing our appetite so that we can make better decisions about portions when we sit down for meals, and by regulating our metabolism.   In addition, peppermint offers great mental support as we work toward eating and fitness goals. It’s ability to energize the mind helps us stay on track and not change our minds. THAT is super important when it comes to “sticking with it!” We will never see goals met if we are always giving up!




Ocotea is distilled from a tree found in the Amazon wilderness and is often called Ecuadorian cinnamon. It dates back more than 500 years and is used to aromatize sweets and cakes.   This particular single oil is used in many of Young Living’s products specially blended for weight management and health (we’ll cover some of these). Why is it included in these products? Ocotea helps regulate the body’s blood sugar, helping you make the best choices in your diet and reducing unhealthy cravings. In addition, it supports the digestive system, an important piece in the weight management puzzle.

The use of these oils does not replace the need for a clean diet and regular exercise , but they are important parts of a consistent regimen that will allow your body to function at its prime. They are a great start to healthy decisions.


Slique Products

Young Living also has products they have specially designed for their members to use as they find and maintain healthy weights. The Slique line has many products including healthy snack options and supplements. Tonight, we’ll focus on two of the Slique products: Slique Essence and Slique Tea.

Slique Essence essential oil blend enhances healthy weight management of our other products.

So what is Slique Essence? While working in the Nova Vita Center in Ecuador, Gary witnessed the power of this blend in helping to control hunger and to assist individuals in achieving their individual weight goals. Slique Essence combines the benefits of ocotea, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and spearmint essential oils with the sweetness of stevia extract.

The many qualities of Slique Essence make it a much-needed tool for your weight-management regimen. Its desirable taste is the perfect addition to tea, water, Power Meal™, Balance Complete™, Pure Protein Complete™, or any beverage. Carry it with you wherever you go to conveniently battle unwanted cravings. You can even use a few drops on your tongue when the cravings seem to be taking over.



Slique Tea

Slique Tea is a delicious, premium blend of wholesome and rare ingredients. It offers a natural alternative to sugar-laden fruit drinks, concentrates, sodas, and coffees and can be used as part of a healthy weight-management program.

It contains Ecuadorian ocotea leaf (Ocotea quixos), a member of the cinnamon family traditionally used by natives for health and wellness. Cacao is then added, along with pure, proprietary vanilla essential oil.

Slique Tea also contains jade oolong tea leaves, sought after for their rich aroma and powerful antioxidant content. These leaves are handpicked from the high mountain regions of Taiwan, known for producing some of the world’s finest teas.

All of these ingredients are enriched with 100 percent pure therapeutic-grade Arabian frankincense powder, an exclusive ingredient from Young Living’s distillery in Salalah, Oman.

This particular tea supports healthy weight management when combined with a healthy diet and physical activity. It also provides a natural energy boost. Who doesn’t need that, right?

slique tea


2.  Essential Oils to Aid Your Workouts

Including exercise is your daily life is crucial to overall health, and once you are moving, you definitely want to get the MOST out of your workout. Isn’t that true? When we are crunched for time in our lives, making our workout work hard for our bodies is important. These next three blends from Young Living will help you maximize your workouts.


Valor is a favorite among Young Living members. It provides tremendous emotional support for users, encouraging feelings of strength and determination (among many other tremendous uses including sleep support). But Valor is also an oil that many fitness-conscious oilers use before workouts for stability and “stick-with-it” attitude. It offers great support in preparing you mentally before and during fitness challenges. In addition, Valor is perfect for rubbing onto tired legs after a long workout.



RC or Breathe Again

One way to enhance your workouts is to maximize the health of your respiratory system. Both RC and Breathe Again are perfect for this. These blends by YL are designed to help your body take in oxygen easily and drives it into your systems, keeping all part of your body in tip top condition. Not only will your body work at its best after putting a dab of RC or Breathe Again on your chest before heading to the gym, but it also helps drive oxygen into your brain, aiding in decision making and clarity of mind to keep you focused on your goals. SO COOL!

rc edit


Oola Fitness

This blend, as specially formulated by D. Gary Young, will help you take action, reach milestones, and achieve your dreams when it comes to your fitness goals.  Designed to uplift, energize, and give you the inspiration to set and achieve your strength and fitness goals.

Oola Fitness includes many oils which both help you stay emotionally and mentally motivated to conquer your fitness goals, but it also includes oils which will help your body recover well after.   Be sure to check it out as a part of your fitness regimen.

oola fitness


3.  Essential Oils to Aid Your Attitude

Often it’s not our physical limitations that keep us from a healthier body, it’s emotional or mental boundaries. Right? Getting OUT THERE and getting STARTED are often the hardest parts of any fitness goal. Allow essential oils to help you work through those emotional and mental blocks so that you can begin and FINISH 2016 as a healthier you!

Oola Balance

This blend helps align and balance your center, giving you an increase in concentration with a positive outlook. With a balanced mind and body, you are more able to focus on your tasks at hand, in particular your eating and fitness goals.

Example ingredients: Jasmine (uplifting and encourages hopeful thinking), Orange (brings feeelings of joy and peace), and Roman Chamomile (combats stressful thoughts and helps keep the liver healthy, maintaining physical and emotional health).

Apply on feet at bedtime for calming and emotional support.

oola balance


Envision is blended to help you reawaken internal drive and independence and to overcome fears and emotional blocks. Do you have hurdles in your way of reaching your physical and wellness goals? This blend is a perfect complement for you!

Spruce (feeling of balance), Geranium (helps release negative memories), Orange (elevating to the mind and body), Lavender (supports concentration and mental acuity.) Sage (strengthens emotional balance), and Rose ( provides a sense of balance, harmony, and well-being) are all combined to give you emotional support as you move into 2016!   Sometimes, supporting our minds must come as part of supporting our bodies.



Believe is blended to release your potential and restore feelings of hope.

Believe essential oil blend has been reformulated with Idaho blue spruce and ylang ylang from the Young Living farm in Ecuador and has a pleasing aroma that is both grounding and invigorating. This blend contains Idaho Balsam Fir and Frankincense essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith. With other complementary oils, the combination in this blend may help assist as you move to a higher level of awareness. As you are able to move past emotional setbacks and barriers, you will be able to reach your true, unlimited potential. Believe’s primary beneifts are that it encourages clarity and enlightening thoughts, brings a sense of peace and awareness and is spritually grounding, and promotes relaxation and confidence.


4.  Supplements to Help Maintain Healthy Weight

Life 5

Life 5 is Young Living’s probiotic supplement. This is something I DEFINITELY need in my life on a DAILY basis. How about you?

Why do we need a probiotic?

  1. Sustains energy
  2. Healthy Immune System Support.
  3. Studies have shown that Lactis (BB-12) present in Life 5 have improved the immune response up to 66%!
  4. Support digestive health and friendly bacteria populations assist in assimilation of foods, proper bowel elimination and function.
  5. Restores bacterial balance. Life 5 contains 8 billion active cultures and improves colonization up to 10 times.
  6. Is safe and promotes good health for everyone including our children and animals.

What’s In It?

Here is the list:

  • Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 120 mg
  • HOWARU Rhamnosus (L. Rhamnosus) isolated in humans 1983. Supports healthy immune system-very tolerant of harsh acid environment.
  • HOWARU Bifido (L. lactis) – Raw milk enhances a healthy immune system and supports healthy digestive function.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA-14) – Ferments sugars into lactic acid therefore helps to maintain healthy sugar-acid balance in the body.
  • Streptococcus thermophilis – Studies recently have shown that this may help with lactose intolerance.
  • L. bifidum – Helps to maintain the correct balance of hydration and supports healthy immune system; supports the absorption of nutrients to support healthy skin.
  • Lactoferrin – transfers iron to cells and maintains healthy amounts of free iron in the blood and external secretions. Protein found in mother’s milk.

Life 5 probiotic supplement not only has different strains of bacteria, but it contains HOWARU strains which are considered the best Super Charged Strains of bacteria that are produced. They have been clinically designed and tested to withstand the harsh and acid conditions of the digestive system and colonize in the bowel. Also shown to support the body’s natural defenses through research and testing.

Life 5 contains 8 billion active cultures and improves colonization up to 10 times

life 5


OmegaGize helps support eye health, brain health, heart health, and joint health. It really is an OVERALL kind of supplement. And as I realize more and more each day, my body is NOT getting younger. I better make sure I am taking the best care of it. Because this particular supplement has fish oil, it’s also a great one to help us maintain a healthy weight.   There are many weight benefits of fish oils; for example, they help make your own diet and exercise plans more effective. This is DEFINITELY worth doing some research on!

Omegagize includes the following:

-Omega 3 fatty acids
-DHA rich fish oil
-Vitamin D-3
-CoQ10 (ubiquinone)

It’s also infused with many essential oils that we already know work for our body’s wellness. I LOVE learning about different ways I can get those essential oils in my body! Roman Chamomile, Clove, and Spearmint are both included in this supplement.


Young Living offers us so many choices for supporting our healthy bodies and helping us be the BEST we can.  Hopefully you can find a great balance physically, mentally, and emotionally!   DON’T GIVE UP ON THOSE GOALS!


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