These are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Lots of Great Products to Try AFTER the Starter Kit

As you get comfortable with your new kit, you are probably wondering, “What do I need next”?   Which oils or Young Living products will be great complements to what I am using?  Get out your wish list!  You are going to want to add a few things to it!

Rachel’s Picks:  Lavender Lotion, Thieves Cleaner, and Cedarwood


Rachel shares all the time that if she started over with her Young Living journey, this trio would be her first Essential Rewards order.   She has chosen Lavender Lotion to use a carrier for her oils when she wants to make a massage rub  for muscle comfort or a chest rub for the occasional cough.  It’s the perfect consistency and makes concocting oily goodies a breeze!  She loves Thieves Cleaner because it’s plant based and safe around her four children and pets.  She adds “It’s CRAZY effective at cleaning. . . . well, EVERYTHING!!”  Lastly, Rachel loves her Cedarwood for adding to Lavender in her bedside diffuser every night.

Lori’s Picks:  Lavender Lotion, Orange Oil, and V-6 Carrier Oil


Just like Rachel, Lori loves some Lavender Lotion.  She has replaced ALL of her other toxic lotions with this one.  Lori also uses Orange oil on a daily basis as she brushes her teeth.  A little drop helps keep those pearly whites white as can be.  When Lori is making oily goodies, she now uses V-6 carrier oil from Young Living. She says it’s “extremely smooth and is the best carrier I’ve every used!

 Cherith’s Picks:  Wintergreen Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Peace and Calming Oil Blend


Cherith has a great top three!  She uses Wintergreen with coconut oil for massages after a long day.  She also has tea tree.  She combines this favorite oil with jojoba oils to keep her face vibrant and clear of the occasional blemish.  Finally, Cherith likes to wind down her day with the soothing effects of Peace and Calming oil blend in her diffuser.

Tasha’s Picks:  OrthoSport, Valor Oil Blend, and Grapefruit Oil


Tasha uses Young Living products with her whole family.  They are all oil lovers!  Her top three starts with one of Young Living’s massage oils Ortho Sport.   She says that this is a must-have when you have boys who play and coach sports.  Also, when her whole family needs a boost of focus and confidence, she puts Valor in the diffuser for them to enjoy.  For herself, she has added Grapefruit to her daily regimen to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Helene’s Picks:  Joy Oil Blend, Thieves Cleaner, and Tranquil Roller


Helene loves her essential oils, especially the mood-lifting Joy!  She can put this oil in a diffuser or on her wrists on one of those “blah” days of life.  She also uses Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner on a daily basis.  She says, “Thieves cleans the heck out of anything.”  When it’s time for bed, Helene pulls out her convenient Tranquil roller and prepares for the best night’s sleep!

Amanda’s Picks:  Christmas Spirit, Gentle Baby, and Peace and Calming (I or II)


Amanda and her little ones love Christmas Spirit for the holiday season and beyond.  They diffuse it in the car to keep things smelling nice and festive.  Gentle Babies is another favorite oil blend in Amanda’s home.  It includes Rose, a highly effective and beautifully smelling oil.  Gentle Baby is soothing and relaxing diffused or applied topically.  Finally, Amanda’s family likes to use Peace and Calming in the diffuser or in a roller for both the adults and the kids in the family.  Can you say, “zzzzzzzzzzzz”?   

Kim’s Picks:  EnRGee, Hope, and Ningxia Red


Kim often needs a little power in her day so she uses the oil blend EnRGee.  What a great oil to have on hand for our busy, busy lives.  She also likes the emotion-lifting oil blend Hope to see her through rough spots.  Lastly, Kim loves Young Living’s high-antioxidant drink/supplement because of the awesomely nutritious ingredients and the ability it has for revitalization in her life.  

As you can tell, your leaders LOVE their Young Living products.  If you have questions about these picks or how to make an order, please feel free to email me or contact your upline.  

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