Using Essential Oils to Kick the Chemicals Out of Your Home: Our 4 Favorite Recipes


Stop for a minute.

Make a mental list of all the products you have in cabinets around your home:  cleaning products, medications, beauty products, air fresheners, calendars, and lotions.  Many times our homes are filled with potentially harmful chemicals, and we are so unaware!  At least I was.

Did you know?

The FDA does not make companies  label the ingredients of the fragrances in their products; they consider them trade secrets.  We do know, though, that most fragrances are made of petrochemicals.  Many times scientists break down the compounds of essential oils and try to recreate those in labs with man-made chemicals.  These petrochemicals and toxins are often capable of causing allergic reactions, birth defects, cancer, and central nervous system disorders.

Where are these fragrances in our homes?

Perfume, lotion, hair products, deodorants, laundry care, cleaning supplies, and candles.  Just consider what we are inhaling and using topically on a daily basis.

For example, one of the most dangerous things in our homes are drier sheets.  Look that one up!  Eek!

And think about the great need to ventilate well when you are cleaning your tub with those strong products you get at the store.  Bleh!

THIS is one reason I have begun replacing products in my homes with more natural options, options that include the wellness-supporting essential oils that I love.    My children can use them without worry.  My family can benefit from them without harmful effects.   Goodbye, chemicals.  Hello essential oils.

Have you made the change?  If not here’s a great way to start using some of our favorite recipes.  Let us know which ones you try and how you like them.   Say Goodbye to old habits and say HELLO to WELLNESS.   Detox yourself AND your home!



Detox Bath Salts dishwasher soap

laundry detergentfauxbreeze

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