Is Your Man an Essential Oils Skeptic? Here are FIVE Tricks to Turning Him into a Believer in No Time!

Having a hard time getting your man on board with your passion for essential oils?  Yeah. . . sometimes they are hard nuts to crack, right?  Does he call your beautiful bottles snake oils?  Does he snicker when you pull lavender out?  Does he balk at your concoctions?  (Does he sneak and get them when you aren’t looking?  Haha!).

So, let’s talk about the best ways to help the dudes in your life understand the GOODNESS of essential oils.  Let’s do oils the MANLY WAY today.  You with me?  And if you pay CLOSE attention, you’ll soon find some ideas that will surely be WINNERS in your home for convincing the man in your life that you REALLY do need a weekly oil budget.  I mean. . . he won’t want to let you run out of Shutran, right?


So let’s check out five great ideas to pulling your man over here on the oily side.



I mean, ladies.  Come on.  Essential oils are GREAT for relaxation and for muscle comfort.  They make regular ‘ole massages into something GRAND.  So. . . after your man is home after work, rub his shoulders and back and gently whisper in his ears all the wonderful essential oils you’re using to help him relax.  😉




As men age, they often get a wee bit concerned about the amount of hair still holding on.  Right?  It’s important to them.  Have you told your man about the amazingness of using Cedarwood and Rosemary on their scalps?   You haven’t?  Get out your bottles, go rub in a few drops, and take some before/after pictures.  :)




What better way to get someone passionate about something YOU love than incorporating something THEY love?  Got a manly man on your hands?  A man who loves the outdoors and killing stuff?  Yeah. . . he may shy away from Joy or even Lavender, but I bet he’ll love this blend.



Whether your dude is clean cut and well shaven or a woolly monster, Young Living has you covered, ladies.  Get these items in your bathroom TODAY and let him start experimenting.  He’ll be living oily in no time.

2-Shutran-Shave 11-OFD-Recipe-Beard-Oil


If these other don’t seem to be convincing enough, here’s your Jackpot approach.  :)  (And while you are at it, try some Sensation oil blend for yourself).


He may not be taking your diffuser on business trips or carrying cute little bottles of goodness in his backpack or briefcase, but you can definitely sneak in some awesome ways to help your men enjoy the amazingness of essential oils.


Share YOUR man’s favorite Young Living product below or share another recipe you plan to try.  Love it!  Share it!


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