3 Steps to a Toxin Free Makeover. . . for You and Your Home

I was floored a few months ago when I scanned the ingredients of the foundation I was using and realized that they were poisonous to my body. . . likely setting me up for hormonal imbalance and the possibility of cancer.  That’s SCARY stuff, friends. SO I began searching for a more natural alternative.

Before I knew it, though, my favorite wellness company was offering yuck-free make up!  AND I AM SO EXCITED that I definitely cannot keep this to myself.  Did you know we put hundreds of toxic-chemicals on my bodies and the bodies of our children every single day without even realizing it?  But now there are truly many options we can trust!  Join me in making baby steps toward a safer home with these items.  The beauty of it all?  I can get healthier replacements all in one place and online with my Young Living membership.   Let’s check out the brand new products that will help all of us kick the toxins to the curb.  It’s about time, right?

A Safe Makeover for my Face:

Young Living’s Savvy Minerals is the perfect replacement for the poison I’ve been using for years.  It is free of parabens, bismuth, and all the other junk that was silently and slowly harming my body.  I want EVERY WOMAN to know about these options for your beauty routine.  Check them out and let’s get you started.

Savvy Mineralsblush bronzer eye shadow eyeliner foundation lip gloss lip stick misting spray multitasker


Bundle of Joy Make Over

Did you know that the biggest baby product company in the country was successfully sued because their ingredients caused cancer.   Ingredients in BABY PRODUCTS!!!!  And that this same company’s products in the US (where they are not regulated) still include dozens of toxic ingredients that are likely harming the wellbeing of our sweet bundles of joy.  One of the enraging details is that this same company sells cleaner products overseas because they have to, but they continue to see more dangerous ones here.  It’s greedy.  It’s dirty.  And It’s scary.  It is SO SO SO VERY important that you do your research about what you are using on your sweet babies (and on yourselves as well!!).  Young Living is focused on helping us make sure that we can take the best care possible of our little people, and that’s what these Seedlings products are all about.   Young Living has always lived up to the highest standard when it comes to clean products, and this is on exception.  And they are infused with amazingly aromatic and therapeutic essential oils.  Caring for our sweet babies just doesn’t get much better than that.  Check out these products:

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Summer Make Over

Every time I talk to friends about hidden (and not so hidden) toxins in our household items, they ALWAYS want to know some good alternatives to the poison-filled sunscreens and bug sprays we are used to.  That’s why I was ECSTATIC when Young Living did it’s due diligence in research and development and are not offering us products that WORK SO WELL and that do NOT compromise our health!  That’s the key, right?  Let’s seek wellness in EVERY part of our lives, including the products we buy and bring into our homes.  Let’s not slather ourselves in chemicals that will deplete our immune system or cause respiratory stress, let’s soothe our bodies with items that promote health while avoiding sunburn and bug bites.  Sounds perfect!  It’s time for you to have a summer make over with these brand new items:

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Sometimes being healthier means being educated first.  It’s time to truly explore what you are putting on your bodies and determine if it’s time to make a change.  Want help getting educated?

Download the app called Think Dirty on your phone.  Go scan your personal care products in your home and see if they are in fact as toxic as mine were.  And start making these baby steps to a cleaner home.  It’s simple.  And it’s IMPORTANT.

think dirty

Need help?  Just let me know.  I’m always here to help you reach your family’s wellness goals.

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